Strafe on Kickstarter — Blast not beg for $185K

By | January 21, 2015

Trailers aren’t everything, but they do help. Especially for an indie retro FPS-in-development that may or may not be as good as something that you play for free on the Internet Archive. In other words, little dog needs a big bark. A BIG HUGE bark if it’s to raise $185K on Kickstarter. And the trailer for Pixel Titans’ Strafe is a big bark. It bites you, too. It bit me really hard on the butt, and I squealed.

It’s hilarious. Laugh out loud. It’s a video made by a video guy so it’s well-made, for what it is, and has that Poltergeist-pre-Adobe-esque VFX. More than anything it’s an attention-grabber. All the big boys in the industry wrote about it. That’s how the worm gets the bird. Get out there and grab folks in the nuts.

Marketing, marketing, marketing, people.

Would I fund this game?


I would definitely fund this guy, though, to make more hilarious trailers.

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