Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Trailer – I love Goro, but who still pre-orders video games?

By | January 14, 2015

The Mortal Kombat X trailer is tough to watch. Not because of its trademark ultra-violent finishes – which includes a head sliced like a watermelon – but because it throws an annoying jab at the end. Not a gameplay jab, but an offline one. An insult, actually. Some genius MBA at Mortal Kombat-ville thought it would be great to get gamers to pre-order by offering Goro. That’s Goro, our favorite petri-dish-gone-wrong Goro. We love Goro. Nothing wrong with Goro. And if we pre-order, we can play as Goro.

Who in the world pre-orders games these days?

Has there been an apocalypse? Has North Korea shut down our Internet? That hermit who lives in the desert, who is perpetually offline, who has to hike a hundred miles just to get to civilization, who has to beat out other hermits – that guy might want to pre-order. But the rest of us? Why would we give a free loan to a video game company who insults its customers with a pre-order offer? Why would we give some marketing dude or chick who makes six-figures free metrics so he or she can make more money to keep kicking us in the rear?

Forget that.

The game looks okay. Some people like the gore. Bit too much for me, but if the game plays, I can dig it. And I’ll check it out but I ain’t pre-ordering even if Goro is super-awesome.

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