Volume Enemy Reveal Trailer — Crazy Nastyass Mike Bithell

By | January 13, 2015

Mike Bithell is like the honey badger. He doesn’t give a darn. A game about self-aware artificial intelligence shapes? Any takers? None? Mike Bithell doesn’t care. Here’s Thomas Was Alone. A game that reaches back to old school Metal Gear Solid retro-stealth gameplay? Well, what about the new Metal Gear Solid for new gen? Mike Bithell doesn’t care. Here’s Volume. Or there will be…soon…or whenever Mike Bithell feels like it. He doesn’t give a darn.

But he does give a darn about the quality of his games, and he is a freaking true artist.

Volume will be out sometime this year, hopefully…good news for us indie lovers. We have a new trailer that shows the enemies in the stealth game. The game is like Robin Hood except its sci-fi and more about sneaking than shooting arrows at corrupt English landowners. There are archers, though. And knights and hounds. There are also turrets, which are similar to cameras in Metal Gear Solid except they shoot, and pawns, which are foot soldiers. The rogue is the final class of enemy.

The trailer also gives us some Andy Serkis – have to wait until 1:25 where he says, “They will be with you very very soon”.

Volume is out in 2015 for PS4, Vita, Windows and OS.

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