Evolve Intro Cinematic Trailer – Where are them man-eating baby monsters?

By | January 9, 2015

Evolve’s Intro Cinematic is disappointing, but only because the game itself is sure to be a kick-butt monster-hunting whomp this year. That’s a good whomp. The kind of whomp that’ll make you salivating for DLCs.

The game is 4 on 1 asymmetrical multiplayer. Four are hunters and one player is the monster. There are some interesting modes:

1) Hunt: kill monster before it kills you or destroys your power relay.

2) Nest: Destroy the monster’s eggs. Eggs can hatch and the babies are hungry man-eaters, too!

3) Rescue: Save colonists before monster kills them.

4) Defend: Protect power generators.

5) Evacuation: Series of five matches where each match gives one side an advantage in the following match.


The hunters consists of various classes, which are not unlike other MMOs: Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support.

The true awesomeness of this concept is the monsters. So far, you have:

1) Goliath: big bad brawler.

2) Kraken: Flying and shooting things at you from a distance.

3) Wraith: Stealthy and tricky.

4) Behemoth: Big. Real big.

The trailer is a two-and-half minute repetitive battle. It showcases the four classes of hunters, their mobility and the difficulty in killing the monster. Could have been 90 seconds of different battles showcasing the various modes, including Nest and Rescue. I would like to have seen them eggs hatching and the babies getting its first meal.

The game is out February 10, 2015 on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.


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