Star Trek: Alien Domain — Will it eclipse Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

By | January 3, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakes better watch out because here’s Star Trek: Alien Domain. The web-based F2P is sure to steal J.J. Abrams’s fire this year. Okay, maybe not. But it could still be a pretty cool game. Okay, probably not. It’s an F2P like all the other F2Ps out there of this breed: build, wait, build, attack, wait some more. Tired of waiting? Spend money. That’s real money, not Federation Credits.

The trailer has some cut-outs moving around and nicely drawn portraits of Klingons. The gameplay itself, based on the trailer, has PTD written all over it. That is, Play-Then-Delete.


But it’s still Star Trek, which means Klingons and their birds of prey and all the not-as-cool-but-still-cool Fed vessels. The premise is cool, too, even if the game is probably more PTD than F2P. It been several years after the return of Voyager and some big wormhole or something sucks in both Fed and Klingon fleets into some weird place where they have to deal with each other as well as some super-aggressive beings who is not the Borg, which is a relief since the Borg are ultra-boring. In any case, interesting premise. Too bad it got stuck with an F2P.


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