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The Hum: Abductions Trailer — Hearing is Believing

Hearing is scarier than seeing. The best horror flicks have the best sound design.  The Shining, The Birds, Exorcist, Ju-On, et al.  The Hum: Abductions is all about sound. The title says it all. Also, check out the trailer and listen to it full-blast on surround or with a pair of nice head-phones. Some excellent sound work. Footsteps, creaking doors, spooky crackling noises, a tell-tale beating heart, and of course, the hum. The sounds alone makes me think, this game’s gonna be goooooood.

The game’s also Oculus Rift supported, which means that stuff is gonna be in your head. Like I said last summer, it’ll give me heart-attack.

What exactly is The Hum: Abductions?

Start with X-Files. Yep, abductions, as in alien-probing, abductions. Yummy! You’ll definitely get experimented on. According to the site, there will be scenes where you’re inside the head of someone getting experimented on. Perhaps probed, too. Gotta have the probing.

And it’s Oculus Rift so yeah, first-person. Who is the person? Holly Sanders. A normal mother and wife. According to the trailer, her baby’s abducted and so, the highest stake situation: mother looking for her child. Mystery, horror, realistic graphics. Darkness.

But more than anything, it’s got sound. Excellent sound that’ll have you changing your underpants frequently.

Coming soon on PC, Mac and PS4.

Magicka 2 An Interview Without the Vampire Trailer — Just give the man some blood already!

I’m a hacker, slasher, bludgener. Give me a claymore, a broadsword or better yet, a war hammer. Mixing potions and waving wands and squirting colorful streams of light? Not me. But if magic is your deal, then Magicka is your game.

And Magicka 2 might be better than the first. The trailer’s hilarious. It’s a non-vampire Brad doing his best Woody Allen. He’s talking about these druid dudes doing magic on them all. The ten seconds of gameplay in the trailer shows similar action as the first. More fireworks than the 4th.


Here’s the game: 1-4 Wizards in single or co-op play. Customize yourselves. Mess with elements (water, life, earth, fire, et al) to make your boom be more boom. Then go Harry-Potter-on-steroids on the uglies.

Spells are also kung-fu-esqe – variety of styles and techniques like range fire or area attack. Another good thing? No MANAnnoying Mana.

What was annoying about Magicka? Paying for DLCs.

What’s new on Magicka 2? To be determined.

Game’s out sometimes this year on PS4 and Windows.

Madden Mobile Top Pass Plays

NOTE: this post is for Madden Mobile 15.  For Madden Mobile 16 Top Pass Plays, click on this link.


Every Madden player’s got go-to plays. Here are the three best passing plays on Madden Mobile. They’ll drive any D-coordinator nuts.

For top run plays, go here.

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Shotgun: TE Corner


Play from any hash to any side of the field.

1) Look for your Tight End to break the corner. If it’s single coverage, let it fly deep. Good for 15-30 yards.

TE singled or left alone? Wait for the break and let it fly.

TE singled or left alone? Wait for the break and let it fly.

2) If he’s double-covered, you’ll get picked off. Look for your WR on a hitch. Good for 10-15 yards.

3) If WR is also covered, checkdown to your RB on a delayed curl. Good for 8-10 yards.

Everybody covered? Checkdown to your RB.

Everybody covered? Checkdown to your RB.

4) If you get blitzed, let it fly to your TE immediately.

Shotgun: FL Drag


You want to play to the big side of the field, so set it up with a run, if needed.

1) Your RB is your #1 target. He’ll do a wheel route. On a cover 2, wait for him to pass the DB. If he’s not covered, give it to him right away and let him loose. If there’s man coverage, wait until he’s streaking and let it fly. Good for 10-20 yards.

Wait for RB turn swing his wheel past the DB on a zone D.

Wait for RB turn swing his wheel past the DB on a zone D.

2) If your RB is double-covered, look to your FL on a drag. Good for 15-20 yards.

3) If your FL is doubled, wait for your TE on a delayed release. Good for 8-10 yards.

I-Form: PA TE Corner


Play from any hash to any side of the field.

1) Play action: if under pressure, let it fly to your TE.

2) Look first to your TE on a corner. If there’s man to man single, let it fly. Good for 20-30 yards.

3) If TE is doubled, look to your SE on a drag or your RB on the flat. Get it to them. Good for 10-20 yards.

Several options, all wide open.

Several options, all wide open.

4) If you get contained away from the play, look to your FL on a cross. Good for 5-10 yards.

Evolve Survival Guide Trailer — Will Godzilla be a DLC?

The Survival Guide Trailer for Evolve is out. Will it help you survive? Probably not. It’s rocking, though. I might spend $60 or so on February 10 when it comes out on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

The 7-minute trailer’s got everything covered, from hunters to monsters to game modes. Want to learn more about the monsters or modes, go here.

There are 4 classes of hunters with 3 loadouts in each class for a total of 12:

Assault: The Warrior/Grunt/Fighter

Medic: Healer

Trapper: Ranger/Tracker

Support: Big Gun/Booster

But who really cares about the hunters? This game is Evolve. The monsters are the GAME. The monster is Beyonce, the hunters are…the other two chicks of Destiny’s Child.

If you’re playing the monster, you need to stand your ground against those evil hunters. To do so, you have to Evolve. You evolve up to level 3 (like Pokemon) by eating other animals. Each level gives you special powers.

The trailer says there are 800,000 different variations in game play. Okay, if they say so. Who’s going to do the math? Doesn’t matter if 800,000 or 8,000 as long as I can be the monster I know I am.

Strafe on Kickstarter — Blast not beg for $185K

Trailers aren’t everything, but they do help. Especially for an indie retro FPS-in-development that may or may not be as good as something that you play for free on the Internet Archive. In other words, little dog needs a big bark. A BIG HUGE bark if it’s to raise $185K on Kickstarter. And the trailer for Pixel Titans’ Strafe is a big bark. It bites you, too. It bit me really hard on the butt, and I squealed.

It’s hilarious. Laugh out loud. It’s a video made by a video guy so it’s well-made, for what it is, and has that Poltergeist-pre-Adobe-esque VFX. More than anything it’s an attention-grabber. All the big boys in the industry wrote about it. That’s how the worm gets the bird. Get out there and grab folks in the nuts.

Marketing, marketing, marketing, people.

Would I fund this game?


I would definitely fund this guy, though, to make more hilarious trailers.

WWE Immortals Review — Swipe your finger, not your credit card.

Game Experience: Medium

Game Value: Medium

Quiche’s Recommendation: Swipe your finger, not your credit card, to get The Rock

Review Guidelines are here.

WWE Immortals has The Rock. And Triple H. And The Undertaker. That’s all you need to know.

The Rock is awesome

The Rock is awesome

But here’s more if you want to know more:

The Android/iOS F2P is a 3v3 brawler with our favorite wrestlers in fantastical outfits doing magic and stuff in cool sci-fi/fantasy worlds. The game itself? Not really why you’d download this game. No, you download and play it for hours and maybe spend real money because you want to buy The Rock. Yes, that’s The Rock. That’s Dwayne Johnson as The Rock as the Stone Watcher all yours for only 46,000 WWE bucks. That’s about $6.50 in real money. Not a bad deal.

Don’t want to scratch plastic? You can earn your WWE bucks the hard way. By fighting. You fight a series of battles in 3v3 tag team action. Pick three characters and go against three others. Currently, there are only 25 characters so you often face characters fighting themselves. Characters can be upgraded, trained or simply improve by fighting.

Knockout three and you win.

Knockout three and you win.

Fighting is the least enjoyable part of this F2P. You have to move your fingers. Swipe, swipe, tap here, tap there, swipe some more. Eventually, you either win or lose. The chemistry of your team has to jibe or they won’t fight as well.

Team Chemistry is over-rated but still matters.

Team Chemistry is over-rated but still matters.

There’s also strategy in which character to call up depending on the opponent, but it’s really about swiping until your wrist gets sore. Building up adrenaline, which happens just by fighting, gives you special attacks, which vary depending on upgrades and levels. Of course, you can make all of it go faster by spending real money. But if you’re like me without stacks of disposable income, only thing to do is swipe.

Swipe, swipe, and then swipe some more.

Swipe, swipe, and then swipe some more.

The Rock is definitely a carrot, but the game is too repetitive and my wrists too sore for me to keep this F2P on my device.

Victory = bucks = The Rock

Victory = bucks = The Rock

Sid Meier’s Starships Announcement Trailer — Get Ready to Call in Sick

Any game that starts with “Sid Meier’s” is like any movie that starts with “Wes Craven’s” or “M. Night Shyamalan’s”. You pretty much know what you’ll get. There’s no gameplay in the new trailer for Sid Meier’s Starships, but we know it’ll spin around the Civilization and Beyond Earth gravitational pull, the latter especially. Turn-based, hex or tile-flooring, more-or-less board game with pretty graphics and AI. In other words, another round of long-nights, dogs-tired days at work and fights with the sig-other.


Here’s the premise. Peeps have colonized and haven’t been back to Earth in a long time. They get a distress signal from Earth. They go find out what’s up. Fun happens. Of course, the fun involves an arms and tech race. And Tragedy of the Commons. And more Butter Battles. This ain’t Dr. Seuss, though. It’s Sid Meier, and he’ll surprise with a few this and that. He will.

The game is out for PC, Mac and iPad sometime this Spring.

Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Trailer – I love Goro, but who still pre-orders video games?

The Mortal Kombat X trailer is tough to watch. Not because of its trademark ultra-violent finishes – which includes a head sliced like a watermelon – but because it throws an annoying jab at the end. Not a gameplay jab, but an offline one. An insult, actually. Some genius MBA at Mortal Kombat-ville thought it would be great to get gamers to pre-order by offering Goro. That’s Goro, our favorite petri-dish-gone-wrong Goro. We love Goro. Nothing wrong with Goro. And if we pre-order, we can play as Goro.

Who in the world pre-orders games these days?

Has there been an apocalypse? Has North Korea shut down our Internet? That hermit who lives in the desert, who is perpetually offline, who has to hike a hundred miles just to get to civilization, who has to beat out other hermits – that guy might want to pre-order. But the rest of us? Why would we give a free loan to a video game company who insults its customers with a pre-order offer? Why would we give some marketing dude or chick who makes six-figures free metrics so he or she can make more money to keep kicking us in the rear?

Forget that.

The game looks okay. Some people like the gore. Bit too much for me, but if the game plays, I can dig it. And I’ll check it out but I ain’t pre-ordering even if Goro is super-awesome.

Volume Enemy Reveal Trailer — Crazy Nastyass Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell is like the honey badger. He doesn’t give a darn. A game about self-aware artificial intelligence shapes? Any takers? None? Mike Bithell doesn’t care. Here’s Thomas Was Alone. A game that reaches back to old school Metal Gear Solid retro-stealth gameplay? Well, what about the new Metal Gear Solid for new gen? Mike Bithell doesn’t care. Here’s Volume. Or there will be…soon…or whenever Mike Bithell feels like it. He doesn’t give a darn.

But he does give a darn about the quality of his games, and he is a freaking true artist.

Volume will be out sometime this year, hopefully…good news for us indie lovers. We have a new trailer that shows the enemies in the stealth game. The game is like Robin Hood except its sci-fi and more about sneaking than shooting arrows at corrupt English landowners. There are archers, though. And knights and hounds. There are also turrets, which are similar to cameras in Metal Gear Solid except they shoot, and pawns, which are foot soldiers. The rogue is the final class of enemy.

The trailer also gives us some Andy Serkis – have to wait until 1:25 where he says, “They will be with you very very soon”.

Volume is out in 2015 for PS4, Vita, Windows and OS.

Stormfall: Rise of Balur Review — Stormfall wasn’t built in a day….

Game Experience: Medium

Game Value: High

Quiche’s Recommendation: Stormfall won’t be restored in a day – play but don’t pay

Here are my Review Guidelines.

Plarium’s Facebook game, Stormfall: Age of War, made money. Lots of money. So what happens when a company makes money? It tries to make more money. Spin-offs are good way to make more money. And so, the geniuses at Plarium have released Stormfall: Rise of Balur for iOS and Android. It’s a free-to-play with in-app purchases. In other words, it challenges your patience, and it wins if you can’t wait. It wins if you really want to win.


The gameplay isn’t different from the dozens of F2Ps out there. You build mines and farms to collect resources. You use the resources to build an army. You use the army to raid and defeat your enemies. You have to control beacons. You have to be strong or you get rolled. Some of the tasks happen quickly. Build a level 1 farm? It takes a second. Upgrade it to level 4+? You have to wait or use Sapphires, which you can either earn over time or purchase with real cash.

Build mines and then pop the bubble to collect.  Some people find this to be fun....

Build mines and then pop the bubble to collect. Some people find this to be fun….

You also need to research new technology and unlock lost arts. The key point, though, is the Multiplayer component of this MMO. Otherwise, you could just play Age of Empires on the Internet Archive. You join clans and work together to control beacons and restore Stormfall. It’s interactive that requires some level of commitment. None of this is new, of course. Basic F2P model.

This is how you fight.  Walk from one place to another....

This is how you fight. Walk from one place to another….

...and then you either win or you don't...

…and then you either win or you don’t…

The highlight of this game is the graphics. It’s optimized for the latest gen. It’s fun and funny. Guys throw packages at each other. A fisherman dives into the water to free his line. And so on. It’s cool, but really, we’ve seen similar on games like Caesar III on PC back in the ‘90s. Nothing ground-breaking.

It’s an F2P with some value. Not something I would scratch my card on, but to have on my phone to go back to few times a day, and engage in a big coordinated battle once in a while. Good stuff but not enough there to divert my disposable income away from Steam or elsewhere.

You would think it's cool to get a note like this, but it's not as cool as you think it would be....

You would think it’s cool to get a note like this, but it’s not as cool as you think it would be….