Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Crew Launch Trailer — 90-minute sweet ride coast to coast

It takes 90 minutes to drive from L.A. to N.Y. Is it some new prototype Tesla super-car? Nope, it’s The Crew. Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Reflections’ new open persistent world racer is out and the launch trailer has real new gen stuff including a virtual road trip that’s probably as scenic as the real thing. The cars… Read More »

Resurrection on Kickstarter — Fusion Zombie Stew?

Another day, another zombie game. Resurrection is currently advertised on Kickstarter as “a new take on the zombie classic”.  It’s a survival FPS RPG that transitions to a 3rd person brawler when in melee mode.  Stay alive, kill zombies, look for a cure, kill more zombies.  Not sure what’s new about it.  Is it the… Read More »