Battle Academy – Battle for Normandy Walkthrough

By | December 23, 2014

Battle Academy is the top mobile World War 2 strategy game. Nothing comes close. At $19.99, it’s also one of the priciest but it’s worth it – it reminds me of old-school bookcase awesomeness, Squad Leader.

Here’s how you win the Battle for Normandy scenario.



    • Clear the beach area.
    • Secure Causeways.
    • Save the paratroopers before they get wiped out.


Force Selection:

Armor: Add an M4 and an M5 or Halftrack.

Infantry: Add a squad of Rangers, Engineers, and Bazooka


Clear the Beach

Divide your force into two groups: Center and Right. Group Right will consist of an M4, M5, Recon and two infantry platoons. Everything else will focus on Center.

First and foremost, call for a Naval Bombardment on the Causeway Check-Point. If you schedule it too late, you’ll waste valuable time waiting for it to clear. Hopefully, your Navy should wipe out the main gun and anti-tank placements there. If not, you’ll lose at least one of your tanks.

Also, schedule an Air Strike on the Causeway Check-Point.

To capture the Settlement, flank the pillbox with an M4 and M5. Area fire into the pillbox as your Recon and an Infantry squad approach it through the buildings. The German platoon stationed there should be well-suppressed before assaulting it. The Recon squad should be able to take it on its own, but the infantry there should trail them for support, if needed.

Settlement: Blast, Flank and Assault

Settlement: Blast, Flank and Assault

All your other units of Group Center should focus on taking the bunkers guarding the Main Causeway. Bombard the bunkers with your Self-propelled Howitzer and suppress it with your armor. After a turn, assault both bunkers with your infantry. They need to all move fast and hard and take those bunkers quickly.

After taking the Settlement and the Bunker, move Group Center toward the Main Causeway. Speed is important because the Germans will rain down an artillery barrage on your troops if you get bogged down.

As for Group Right, move them quickly toward the farmhouse guarding the Causeway Check-Point.

You should be able to Clear the Beach by turn 18.

Secure the Causeways

Group Center

Move your Recon up the Main Causeway. Keep your infantry and armor close. As soon as the enemy is spotted, blast them with everything and anything. Move fast and take the first bunker and the church. Again, speed is essential since the Germans will reinforce quickly.

Once you’ve taken the church, you’ll battle German reinforcements for a few turns. Bombard the Farmhouse with your Navy. Wait for their SP Guns and knock them out when they expose themselves. Move your infantry along the hedgerows and flank the village. Take the Farmhouse with an infantry assault.

Use the Hedgerow when approaching the Farmhouse.

Use the Hedgerow when approaching the Farmhouse.

The Germans will also counterattack from the hedgerows in the left. Wait for them and take them out as they cross the open field.

Group Right

Move Recon, locate the enemy and pound them with armor. Be careful of the AT gun. Hopefully, your P-54 will have taken it out. If not, you’ll need to do it with your M4 and pray you’ll get it before it gets you. Move your infantry fast up the causeway and take Causeway Check-Point.

Be careful of the German AT Gun.

Be careful of the German AT Gun.

Save the Paratroopers

You’ll get access to the paratroopers a few turns in. You can’t lose more than 3 Airborne units. Move all of them across the bridge into the heart of the town. Keep the bazooka units out of direct line of fire but in a position to ambush approaching armor.

Ambush is the key to Airborne survival.

Ambush is the key to Airborne survival.

Move as many Group Center units toward the town. Spread them out to cover both the front and left of the Village. The Germans will attack from the left with infantry and halftracks. Their Panzers will attack from across the river. Keep tanks along the bank of the river and infantry in an ambush position in the left. Use Air Strikes and Naval Bombardment to disrupt the counterattack. Total victory will take about 10-12 turns.

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