No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer — Where No Gamer’s Gone Before

By | December 14, 2014

A year ago I said that No Man’s Sky will be the addiction of 2015. After watching the new gameplay trailer, there’s no doubt. The PS4/Windows adventure from Hello Games will feature both single-player (including offline) and multiplayer modes. The video doesn’t showcase either but gives an idea of how it could work online as each planet gives credit to the player who first discovered it.

The worlds are procedurally generated, which could mean endless possibilities or long stretches of boredom. That’s okay for an exploration game because the longer the periods of nothing, the greater the reward of finding something. It’s not like some lame survival horror game where a ghost pops out from one door and then a different door next reload.

The gameplay video features an ice planet as well as a desert planet inhabited with strange dinosaur-like creatures. It’s eerie to be on the surface of that latter world as these strange beasts look up at you. Probably the closest we’ll ever get to that kind of situation.  Definitely, no gamer’s been there before….

No Man’s Sky is out June 2015.

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