Bloodborne Gameplay Video — Playing this game might make me ill

By | December 8, 2014

Bloodborne is an Action RPG. In other words, you run around, push buttons really fast, run around some more and push more buttons. No, it’s not a bash’em up from 1987. It’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive coming on March 24, 2015. The game’s also got werewolves, which is always cool, and a ton of blood, but it’s the same repetitive dribble dating back to Atari and friends. At least that’s what it seems based on the new gameplay video.

The title is cool – there’s an epidemic “spreading through the streets like wildfire,” hence Bloodborne, but it’s also the guy’s handle, probably. It’s nice to have an “endemic illness” game that doesn’t have zombies in it.

The video is over three minutes of headache-inducing jerky-camera gameplay. There isn’t a frame of originality in the video. It’s dark, but not eerie enough. It’s bloody, but not gory. Too much repetitive melee. And neither the monsters nor the weapons look all that cool.

And what’s with the guy jumping at 1:01? Looks so stiff, like a cutout sliding across the screen.

Once again, no video is sometimes better than having a weak video. Looks like a big pass at this point, which is a let down since the launch trailer looked so cool

But hey, it’s got werewolves, right?

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