Resurrection on Kickstarter — Fusion Zombie Stew?

By | December 1, 2014

Another day, another zombie game. Resurrection is currently advertised on Kickstarter as “a new take on the zombie classic”.  It’s a survival FPS RPG that transitions to a 3rd person brawler when in melee mode.  Stay alive, kill zombies, look for a cure, kill more zombies.  Not sure what’s new about it.  Is it the combination of genres…? Like fusion food – empty the fridge, fry it, and it becomes something “new”?

Resurrection is currently at $0 of $15K with 18 days to go. It’s still too undercooked and derivative. The writing could be better. The title, too.

But here’s the light at the end of that zombie-infested tunnel. The idea of the different types of undead is fascinating. There are currently three:

  • Crazies: somewhere in-between zombie and people. They’re fast. They don’t eat people. But they have that zombie-instinct to kill. Technically, they’re not undead, but infected humans. You can kill them like you kill people, but they’ll come back as zombies if you don’t kill their brains.
  • Zombies: they’re zombies, but there are different levels of zombies. Some are stronger and faster than others.
  • Behemoths: they’re a combination (more fusion!) of everything. They’re strong, they don’t die easy.

The cutting edge could be these zombie types, not the fusion genre or the battle system. Push that on Kickstarter.

And why stop at three? Be creative, come up with a whole line of zombie models. Call the game, Model Z.

Or better, steal my idea for the best zombie game ever. Please, someone steal my idea and make it reality.

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