Monthly Archives: November 2014

Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition — Bundles are a bundle of fun

I love bundles. The Total War bundle was one of the best because even the oldest game, Shogun, was still worth playing even though it had Total War: Rome, which completely changed the gameplay in the series. Will Ferrell SNL bundles can’t be beat. Even U2 bundles, as shameless money-making gimmicks they are, are worth… Read More »

Battlecry Teaser Trailer – Blood Will Stream

The start of the 20th century was a brutal time. They had technology that outpaced strategy and politics and so people died by the millions. That’s when Battlecry takes place. Except gunpowder’s banned and so are wars because of treaties after an Armageddon-esque war. Instead, each nation sends their best fighters to fight in a… Read More »

Alone in the Dark: Illumination Pre-Order Trailer — Atari knows survival

I often wonder how Atari stays alive. It’s been over 40 years and they still exist albeit it ain’t our daddy’s Atari. I’m glad they’re still around and making games. I see that logo with the three lines and I get all warm and fuzzy – those summer afternoons with Combat! were some of the… Read More »