Why do Americans love Godzilla?

By | November 26, 2014

He’s in video games. He’s a Hollywood star. He’s on T-shirts and commercials. Godzilla everywhere, man.

So, why exactly do Americans love Big G?

10) He’s independent. Ever see Godzilla’s bff? Big G ain’t living with his folks.

9) He speaks loud and swings a big stick (his tail, that is).

8) Godzilla is a cowboy. He appears from nowhere, does whatever he does, then he’s riding off and gone again.

7) He is the Bomb. Not Da Bomb. The Bomb. Americans love the bomb. We’ve dropped it before and we’ll drop it again.

Don't mess with Big G and Uncle Sam.

Don’t mess with Big G and Uncle Sam.

6) He’ll side with anyone if it serves his interests. He hates people but when there’s a common enemy, he’ll roll with ‘em. Remember Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Soviet Union, etc, etc? All American buddies once.

Rummy was chummy with Saddam...and then he wasn't.

Rummy was chummy with Saddam…and then he wasn’t.

5) Equal Opportunity: everyone in G’s path gets whacked, regardless of race, color, creed, etc, etc.

4) He’s black, but it’s okay because he’s an athlete.

3) Okay, he may be athletic, but he’s also kind of obese.

2) When he gets angry, cities go up in flames.

1) He’s a bully.

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