Conan, Assassin’s Creed and How to Kill a Brand

By | November 12, 2014

While watching Conan’s Clueless Gamer on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, I couldn’t help think that Ubisoft might be you-be-gone soon. There are two new AC’s right now: Unity and Rogue. Both are very similar to each other and very similar to previous ACs going back years. In short, different time/different place, maybe more eye-candy, but they’re all the SAME.

That’s how you send a brand to the guillotine.

It’s one thing to re-hash things that work, but to re-re-hash it without much innovation is suicide. But okay, Rogue has a BB gun. I guess that’s new. And Conan milks the accent thing on Unity, which I pointed out after the trailer in the summer. Why do French dudes have English accents? That’s like Koreans having Japanese accents. Or UCLA Bruins wearing USC red. More insult.

Here’s the message. Take time to develop something cool. I know you want the buck, but you gotta think about the AC brand and more importantly, the Ubisoft brand. We don’t need an AC every black Friday. And give the French dudes French accents. You gave the Italian dudes Italian accents in Brotherhood, right?

Save the brand, don’t suicide it. Or sell it off to some indie who’ll kick rear on it.

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