Blizzard’s Overwatch — Koreans will dominate this video game

By | November 11, 2014

Overwatch will rock it. Yeah, it’s Team Fortress 2 déjà vu all over again. And it’ll probably be an F2P with all the crap that comes with F2Ps. But it’ll rock. After all, it’s got a kick-rear gorilla in a space outfit and a sniperess called Widowmaker.

And no one will rock it more than them Koreans.

We already know Koreans are take-names-later gamers. (Read here for why Koreans are so good at video games.) And they rule the world when it comes to Blizzard’s other games. No doubt they’re gearing up for this one and it’s not even beta yet. There’s even a Korean version of the trailer.

Also, the missions are all team-based. There’s no kill-all, deathmatch. Got to work together, know your place and serve the greater group. No Lone Rangers. That’s Korea, man. Yep, stereotype, but that’s the way it is.

The first three maps are set in England, Japan and Ancient Egypt. It boggles my mind they don’t have a map in Korea. Someone remind the Blizzard marketing peeps that Koreans dominate games. Will Korean gamers play the “Haramura” map? Yeah, but the dudes will be like, “Why are we playing in Japan?”

For sure they’ll have a Korea map eventually. What it would be? Ancient Silla capital of Kyung-ju is a good option. Or one of the huge temple complexes. Or Mount Baekdusan.

Overwatch enters open beta early 2015. The game is for PC and Mac, no word on consoles.

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