Zpocalypse: Survival on Kickstarter — The Zombie Game we’ve been waiting for

By | November 10, 2014

Zpocalypse: Survival is the game I’ve been waiting for. Or it sounds like it will be. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $15K of $35K with 15 days to go.

The premise is similar to The Last Stand: Dead Zone, an F2P on Yahoo Games. Essentially, gather survivors, beef up your base, protect against zombies, scavenge and survive. Of course, Zpocalypse is much more than that. It’s an RTS that incorporates team strategy and morale. You not only have to fight zombies, you have to be an HR Manager – make sure everyone’s cool and get rid of those who aren’t cool. The only difference is if someone is uncool, you don’t terminate him with a paper and a final paycheck, you terminate him with an axe to the head. Hopefully.

You have to people-manage as well as kill zombies.

You have to people-manage as well as kill zombies.

There’s also exploration, base-building, and some procedural world-making.

It’s also creepy.

The gameplay video gave me the same crawly-in-the-spine I got watching the original Night of the Living Dead. You know that scene in the house where the zombies are starting to break through? Yeah, that feeling.

The graphics won’t wow you (at least, not yet), but when the biters, walkers, creeps, et al, are swarming from the dark and the gun can’t fire fast enough, you feel helpless and panicky…at least a little bit. That’s just from the video. This game’s going to be intense.

The deadline is November 25, 2014. Give money now and let’s fund this thing.

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