Battlecry Teaser Trailer – Blood Will Stream

By | November 4, 2014

The start of the 20th century was a brutal time. They had technology that outpaced strategy and politics and so people died by the millions. That’s when Battlecry takes place. Except gunpowder’s banned and so are wars because of treaties after an Armageddon-esque war. Instead, each nation sends their best fighters to fight in a Hunger Games type battle to settle disputes. That should’ve been what really happened after WW1 but instead, later generations got stuck with WW2 and the Cold War, and millions more perished.

The game, by Battlecry Studios and publisher Bethesda, is an F2P multiplayer action game involving up to 32 players. The teaser trailer shows some strong artwork based on late 19th century architecture, industrialization and wardrobe. There are Cossacks, which is always cool. Except they don’t have horses. Cossacks with horses are cooler but still cool without. The best art direction in the trailer is the blood. In Battlecry, blood doesn’t splatter or squirt. They stream. Long and beautiful. Very nice.

Blood streams in Battlecry

Blood streams in Battlecry

3 Classes rule the day. Enforcer, Tech Archer, and Duelist.

The Enforcer is the warrior. He’s tough and he’s got a sword that’s also a shield, or is it a shield that’s also a sword…? He’s the dude that gets in, gets dirty, and ain’t care about no names.

The Tech Archer is the ranger. She stands back and fires arrows. And…? That’s pretty much it. She fires arrows. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but she fires arrows.

The Duelist is the thief. They’re stealthy and quick. They can become invisible. Why can’t everyone be invisible? How cool would it be to have 32 invisible players? Okay, maybe not that cool.

Battlecry looks download worthy. The only drawback might be that it’s F2P.

The game is coming to Beta in 2015.

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