Monthly Archives: November 2014

Why do Americans love Godzilla?

He’s in video games. He’s a Hollywood star. He’s on T-shirts and commercials. Godzilla everywhere, man. So, why exactly do Americans love Big G? 10) He’s independent. Ever see Godzilla’s bff? Big G ain’t living with his folks. 9) He speaks loud and swings a big stick (his tail, that is). 8) Godzilla is a… Read More »

Godzilla New Game PS3 Trailer Japan — To You Soon Coming! Oh, no, only Japan!

Godzilla is coming to Japan…again. In all his (or her?) retro awesomeness, the original butt-kicking, white-fire-breathing Monster of Monsters will come to PS3 consoles on December 18, 2014. Only in Japan, though. The trailer shows His Lizardness in his 1950s latex costume glory, complete with big adorable eyes and pudgy nose. He drops buildings with… Read More »

Escape Dead Island — Escape Dead Gilligan’s Island might have been better

Escape Dead Island is out and I’m wondering what’s appealing about this game besides blasting zombies. It’s a psychological mystery game with the same psychology issues that all zombie games have. Better to die or live in fear? Who is the enemy – the undead or the living? Ho-big-Hum. And it’s not only about solving… Read More »

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Some revelations are better off not revealing

Capcom released 3 gameplay videos for Resident Evil Revelations 2, each showing various functions like how to use a flashlight. WHY??? Some videos hurt the game more than help it. In this case, after watching the videos, I’m convinced that Resident Evil Revelations 2 will feature NOTHING NEW. Same old gameplay with the same old… Read More »

Conan, Assassin’s Creed and How to Kill a Brand

While watching Conan’s Clueless Gamer on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, I couldn’t help think that Ubisoft might be you-be-gone soon. There are two new AC’s right now: Unity and Rogue. Both are very similar to each other and very similar to previous ACs going back years. In short, different time/different place, maybe more eye-candy, but they’re… Read More »

Zpocalypse: Survival on Kickstarter — The Zombie Game we’ve been waiting for

Zpocalypse: Survival is the game I’ve been waiting for. Or it sounds like it will be. It’s currently on Kickstarter at $15K of $35K with 15 days to go. The premise is similar to The Last Stand: Dead Zone, an F2P on Yahoo Games. Essentially, gather survivors, beef up your base, protect against zombies, scavenge… Read More »