Monthly Archives: October 2014

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Teaser Trailer — Life sucked back then

Life sucks, so you play games, right? As any form of entertainment, gaming gives you a couple hours respite from nagging girlfriends, entrance exams, unpaid bills and scapegoating bosses. So you become something you’re not. Someone with strength, riches, magical powers. You don’t often play games to enter a world that sucks even more than… Read More »

Neuroshima Hex! on iOS — Strategy Cheat Sheet Part Two

The iOS reincarnation of the classic board game based on the RPG is as addictive as both. Here’s what you need to dominate the post-apocalyptic hexlands. Part Two of this cheat sheet includes five expansion factions. Part One (base factions) is here. The common strategy is to place your HQ on the edge with either… Read More »