Nvidia PhysX on Lords of the Fallen — True Innovation or Plastic City?

By | October 28, 2014

Nvidia shows off its GameWorks Technology in a new Lords of the Fallen video. Watch the video and read more about it in the Nvidia blog. And then think about the PhysX SDK. Don’t think too hard – it’ll make your brain fart – but long enough to ponder upon the business logic of the PhysX SDK. Mainly, the darn thing doesn’t work on AMD GPU. Why not? No other reason than cold hard cash, but is it really the best way to go? Are we looking at another Betamax vs VHS situation?

It’s lame that they put up this fake wall to get people to buy the Nvidia GPU. Whenever anyone tries to place an artificial limitation on technology that, in truth, is not all that special, then you’ve got the tortoise/hare situation. Cash out quick because ultimately someone will catch you with tech that is more universal and it doesn’t matter if your tech is “better” (Betamax was “better” than VHS), it’ll dry up. This is the 21st century. Tech takes leaps, not steps.

Instead of putting up BS moats, sell licenses to developers. Man-up and compete with superior products and true innovation. That would be a better option, and better for the industry, and most of all, better for gamers.

Lords of the Fallen looks good, though. The particle effect is amazing. The game looks like something I can put off until later, much later, but it looks good.

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