Open Panzer – Operation Uranus Walkthrough

By | October 27, 2014

The first scenario of a campaign is usually the easiest. But this is Open Panzer and it ain’t for pansies. Operation Uranus, the first scenario of The Great Patriotic War campaign, is tough. It’s tough to win but also tough to stomach. Everyone will die. Or nearly everyone. That’s the way it was in the Eastern Front and that’s the way it is in Open Panzer. The walkthrough below will help you accept the inevitable.

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Operation Uranus


You are the Russians in the campaign to push the Axis out of the Motherland. In Operation Uranus, you will engage with the Romanians and the Germans to take control of the Chir River. The primary objective is to liberate two towns along the river, one in the center and one in the south.

Your forces are divided into two groups, one in the West of the River and another in the East.

Two groups, two objectives.

Two groups, two objectives.

The group in the West consists of infantry, artillery and armor. This is the decoy group. Your infantry and artillery will suffer high casualties. There’s no way to avoid it. They will do their duty, charge the enemy lines and will get slaughtered.

The smaller group in the East consists of tanks, cavalry, and some artillery. Your core units will be included in this group.

You also have a fighter in the airfield up north.

You start with 4000 prestige points. Buy several T-34s or other medium tanks. Don’t buy artillery, infantry or aircraft. These will be placed north of your first Objective (you will need to move your starting units first to make room for new units).


The overall strategy is to use your infantry to divert the enemy’s main forces so that your armor can flank and squeeze through holes in the enemy’s line. They will need to survive and move quickly in order to take the objective in the south. If your armor gets bogged down, you will lose the battle.

Most of the guys in the left will die.

Most of the guys in the left will die.


Advance your infantry and artillery toward the town directly to the south and engage the Romanian line. The enemy is strong and well-supported. Attack with your artillery but keep the infantry moving and defensive. Do not attack with them as they will get slaughtered. The idea is to prolong the battle as long as possible.

Move the armor south between the town and the river. Use cavalry from the East group to scout ahead to avoid ambushes. The idea is not to “break-through” the Romanian line but to slip through the cracks. Avoid engaging the enemy unless necessary and only if the odds are in your favor. If the odds are not in your favor, avoid the engagement and keep your armor moving south.

Once the armor has moved past the Romanian line, keep them moving south toward the second primary objective. Depending on how it’s going with the first primary objective, they may need to support the East group.

Most, if not all, of your infantry and artillery in this group will die. There’s really no way to save them. If your armor is able to get through more or less in one piece, then the sacrifice will not be in vain.


Choose your engagements well in the East. Don’t fight the superior German tanks if you can. Keep your armor moving toward the primary objectives.

Use your fighter to take out the enemy bomber. When the bomber is gone, the fighter’s mission will be to pick out enemy guns.

Use cavalry to scout and attack weaker infantry and field guns. Like in the East, both your infantry and cavalry will be cannon fodder. They need to keep the stronger enemy units, especially panzers, occupied so that your armor can go after the primary objectives.

Once your armor has made it to the first town, attack the infantry and guns defending it. As long as their panzers are busy fighting your infantry in the north, it should be easy to dislodge the defenders in the town and take the control point. Once you take the control point, put a strong armor unit there to defend it and a backup unit just in case.

Flank the town with your tanks and attack from all sides.

Flank the town with your tanks and attack from all sides.

All other armor, move South.


All of your armor will converge on the final primary objective in the south. You should arrive by around turn 7.

Your map should look like this by Turn 6.

Your map should look like this by Turn 6.

They need to move fast because heavy German panzers are on their way. Hit the defenders hard and quickly. Do not engage enemy units not occupying the control point. Keep your attacks focused and you’ll take the town and you’ll give meaning to the deaths of the thousands of comrades who died in this battle.

Avenge your comrades!

Avenge your comrades!

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