Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer – Energy Drinks are Evil!

By | October 22, 2014

If Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Yin, then Sunset Overdrive (SO) is Yang. If CoD is Laurel, then SO is Hardy. If CoD is the New York Yankees, then SO is the Boston Red Sox.

The gameplay launch trailer for Sunset Overdrive is out and it’s fresh air after downing the fizz of the CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer.

I know, it’s apples to oranges, but the CoD story guys might need some of this Overcharge Delirium XT. Here’s what up: they’re both about mega corporations. In CoD, you’re fighting for one: a mercenary group run by Kevin Spacey. In SO, FizzCo’s greed has turned the people of Sunset City into monsters via their energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT. In CoD, you have some really cool, advanced…but super clichéd…weapons like drop-pods, mini-guns, and jet packs. In SO, you have some really not-cool, ad-hoc…but super interesting…weapons like TNTeddy (Teddy bear grenade launcher) and AK-Fuckyouup. In CoD, it’s about democracy and freedom and honor. In SO, it’s about survival and the “OD’d” and the evils of energy drinks.

Which is more awesome?

Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to Xbox One and out on October 28, 2014.



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