Neuroshima Hex! on iOS — Strategy Cheat Sheet Part Two

By | October 7, 2014

The iOS reincarnation of the classic board game based on the RPG is as addictive as both. Here’s what you need to dominate the post-apocalyptic hexlands.

Part Two of this cheat sheet includes five expansion factions. Part One (base factions) is here.

The common strategy is to place your HQ on the edge with either three open hexes or four. In other words, don’t place your HQ in the middle where all of its flanks are exposed. Also, prioritize units over modules and instant actions when discarding (unless you’re Vegas).



Strength: Strong mid to end game

Weakness: Slow (low initiative) and vulnerable in the beginning

HQ Perk: All connected units share module benefits

Best HQ Position: Four open hexes

Key Unit: Nightshade


Key Module/Action: Symbiont Gamma

Game Plan: The objective is to survive long enough so that your jungle can grow and suffocate the enemy forces. It’s not easy to do. Pray for good tiles early. Connect all modules to your HQ and protect with your units as quickly as possible. If you get useless tiles in the beginning, you’re out of luck and you’ll get weeded-out quickly. Place roots in strategic places and attack enemy HQs with your Nightshade at the first opportunity. Nightshade will poison the enemy HQ, which will cause it to take a hit every combat phase. If you make it past the opening rounds, then you’ll be unbeatable as ALL your units will have 4-5 initiative and 3-4 melee attack.



Strength: Good mobility and range attack

Weakness: Units are weak and flanks are exposed (attacks are unidirectional)

HQ Perk: All adjacent friendlies can change direction and move one tile each turn

Best HQ Position: Three open hexes

Key Unit: Bio Droid


Key Module/Action: Terror

Game Plan: Be aggressive. You won’t last long in a defensive battle, especially in a 3-4 player game. You need to hit fast and often. The HQ perk can be useless since your units will get out-flanked and destroyed quickly. The Bio Droid regenerates every turn, so aggressively send it to attack enemy HQs. Use Terror to keep enemy units off the board to increase your army’s opportunities to attack.



Strength: You can take over enemy units

Weakness: Not enough units and the units you have suck

HQ Perk: Can take over one adjacent enemy unit

Best HQ Position: Three open hexes

Key Unit: None

Key Module/Action: Agitator and Actions that move your tiles


Game Plan: Vegas is the most annoying faction to play against, and one of the more enjoyable to play as. The Agitator and your HQ will take over an enemy unit on the board. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning a destructive enemy unit against its own faction. Start defensively. Protect your HQ with units and modules including your Agitator. If you get an Agitator early, you may want to save it until there’s a good unit on the board to turncoat. Save your movement Instant Action tiles until you can optimize their value. Protect your Agitator, keep moving it, and as long as your enemies don’t gang up on you, it should be an easy win.



Strength: Good Toughness and Strong Units

Weakness: None

HQ Perk: Adjacent friendlies get an extra hit point

Best HQ Position: Four open hexes

Key Unit: Rocket Launcher


Key Modules/Action: Sergeant

Game Plan: Start defensively. Cover your HQ’s adjacent hexes as quickly as possible. Line up your range units with the enemy HQ, especially your Sniper which can hit through enemy units. Your Rocket Launcher should be placed facing center and not directly in-line with an enemy HQ. If it is in-line, then the enemy will focus their attacks on your Rocket Launcher. Protect it, attach a Sergeant to it and it can take out 2-3 enemy HQs. New York is very strong overall and it’s difficult to lose when playing this faction.



Strength: Good Defense and Modules

Weakness: Slow Units

HQ Perk: Can net any enemy unit on the board at a cost of 1 hit point (unless the Net of Steel Launcher is in play)

Best HQ Position: Three Open Hexes

Key Unit: Judge


Key Module/Action: Net of Steel Launcher

Game Plan: React to the enemy’s strategy. If s/he’s aggressive, defend. If s/he’s defensive, attack. Use your HQ Perk to shut-out aggressive enemy units. Your Judge is a special dude. He can move every turn and reflect enemy attacks with his butt. He’ll also fire twice each combat round. Augment his firepower and initiative with modules and he’ll capital-punish everyone on the board. The Net of Steel Launcher will give your HQ pain-free netting rights. Place it on a safe spot and it’ll piss-off your enemy for sure. Steel Police is not as strong as New York and not as fun as Vegas, but it’s another dominant faction.


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