Tank Battle East Front — Supply and Demand Mission Walkthrough

By | October 1, 2014

The “Supply and Demand” mission of Tank Battle East Front (iOS) is like Muhammad Ali. That is, it’s like a bee…on steroids. You gotta sting, run, sting and sting again, and then if you did well on your stinging, you can walk. It’s a tough mission, but it’s winnable. Here’s how:



The objective is to escort a truck across the map. You have 18 turns to do it. Bad guys have big guns. There are more bad guys than good guys. More good guys come if you blow up enemy supply depots.



Your army is divided into two groups:

North: Truck, 2 Armored Cars (AC), Panzer.

South: 2 Self-propelled Guns (STuG & Marder) (SP), 2 Panzers

Note: Your truck has a power of 10, which means it can take a couple hits. This could be useful in drawing enemy fire away from the guys in the front line. Of course, you lose if your truck dies.

Also, your self-propelled guns can’t fire after moving. Think about that. Think about it long and hard.

Turn 1

North: Flank and destroy the first enemy tank you see. You need your panzer and both ACs to do it.

South: Destroy the enemy tank with one of your panzers and your StuG. Move and attack with your panzer first, making sure to create a firing lane for your StuG. With your other panzer and Marder, destroy the enemy supply dump. Doing so will send reinforcements on the next turn, which you need right away.

Turn One is important.  Strike fast and hard.

Turn One is important. Strike fast and hard.

Turns 2 – 6

North: Destroy the infantry unit on the hill first, and then engage the line of enemy armor. Don’t attack the infantry in the building with your first wave – leave that for the two panzer reinforcements. Use your ACs to draw fire. Your ACs are expendable, your panzers are not. Take out the AT gun on the northern ridge soon as you can.

South: Destroy the enemy panzer first, and then the AT gun. Move your SPs up as fast as you can while your panzers engage the enemy tanks. Ignore the infantry in the building and the AT gun coming in from the rear. Remember, you’re on the clock. You’ll probably lose both panzers in the process. Use your SPs to destroy the supply depot.

Tanks first, then AT gun, then supply depot.  Don't worry about the infantry.

Tanks first, then AT gun, then supply depot. Don’t worry about the infantry.

Once that’s done, move all remaining units and the second group of reinforcements toward the enemy flag in the Northeast. You need to haul-butt, and you will need all available units. Very IMPORTANT: ignore the third supply dump in the Southeast. It’s a waste of time and you don’t need additional reinforcements.

Ignore the third supply depot in the Southeast.

Ignore the third supply depot in the Southeast.

Turns 7 – 14

By turn 7, all your units should be on their way north of the river. Engage the last line of enemy tanks and infantry in the Northeast. Ignore the enemy units in the south. If you did well flanking and using your SPs, breaking through the last line should be relatively painless. By turn 14, you should be surrounding the AT gun guarding the objective.

Should look like this by Turn 14.

Should look like this by Turn 14.

Deliver the last sting and drive your truck into Victory!


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