Monthly Archives: September 2014

Will Twitter Save the Free-to-Play Rush?

The free-to-play model needs some remodeling. Once in a while, an F2P finds a gold nugget, but for the most part, it’s a lot of panning and nothing but mud and rock. Some renovators and innovators are trying to shake things up, like GiftGaming, but no ah-ha moments yet. F2Ps will keep entering the gold… Read More »

Will Xbox One Sell in Korea?

Xbox One is coming to Korea on September 23. It’s already out in other places like Chile and Columbia. It got embarrassed in Japan. Xbox Wire has a full list of other places it will be released this month. The strategy is to open up new markets to try and save something that’s clearly dying.… Read More »

Firewatch Trailer — Sacred Stuff?

Campo Santo is a popular theater group in San Francisco, and so I was confused when I read they’re developing a game. Turns out it’s not the theater company, but a new up-and-coming video game developer, also based in SF. Campo Santo means sacred ground in Spanish, and the theater group has done some “sacred”… Read More »