Neuroshima Hex! on iOS — Strategy Cheat Sheet Part One

By | September 27, 2014

The iOS reincarnation of the classic board game based on the RPG is as addictive as both. Here’s what you need to dominate the post-apocalyptic hexlands.

Part One of this cheat sheet includes the first four factions.  Part Two covers the next five expansion factions.

Common strategy is to place your HQ on the edge with either three open hexes or four. In other words, don’t place your HQ in the middle where all of its flanks are exposed. Also, prioritize units over modules when discarding.



Strength: Speed (High Initiative)

Weakness: Lacks good modules

HQ Perk: +1 initiative to adjacent friendlies

Best HQ Position: Four open hexes

Key Unit: Net Fighter


Key Module/Action: Grenade

Game Plan: Defense first. Protect the HQ with Mutants and Butchers covering open hexes. Save your Net Fighter as long as possible and grapple the enemy HQ. He’s slow and his flanks are exposed, so protect him with Mutants, Butchers and Assassins, and he will single-handedly destroy enemy HQs.



Strength: Glass is half full: Good mix of tough and quick units

Weakness: Glass is half empty: Units are either slow or lack flank protection (attacks are unidirectional)

HQ Perk: +1 melee attack to adjacent friendlies

Best HQ Position: Three open hexes and close to enemy HQ

Key Unit: Net Master


Key Module/Action: Sniper

Game Plan: Be very aggressive. Attack HQ early and often. Units are either slow or do not have flank protection so the longer you wait to attack, the more likely they’ll die before they deliver a hit. Use nets, especially your Net Master, to cover flanks of your gangers. When possible, move your HQ close enough to the enemy HQ to give your melee attackers an extra attack. You’ll still need a little luck to win with Hegemony, but be aggressive and your thugs will conquer.



Strength: Strong Range Attack and Toughness

Weakness: Units are slow (Low Initiative)

HQ Perk: +1 range attack to adjacent friendlies

Best HQ Position: Four open hexes

Key Unit: Hunter-Killer


Key Module/Action: Air Strike

Game Plan: Value your range attackers. Position them well and they will destroy everything in their line of fire. Protecting them is a challenge since they are slow and their attacks are unidirectional. That’s where the Hunter-Killers come into play. They are fast and cover four hexes. Place them well and you will the machines will rule the day.



Strength: Good range attack and movement

Weakness: Not enough units and lacks flank protection

HQ Perk: Adjacent friendlies get two initiative attacks

Best HQ Position: Four open hexes

Key Unit: Mobile Armor


Key Modules/Action: Officers

Game Plan: Hit and Run. You’ll get wiped out in a slugfest, especially against Moloch. You don’t have enough units and the units can’t protect their own flanks. Place your range attackers, especially Commandos, adjacent to your HQ. Use your officers to give your attackers an early attack, which is important since your HQ will give your units an additional attack in the following initiative. Move your units or HQ often to get out of the enemy’s line of fire, especially against Moloch’s shooters. You only have one Mobile Armor, but if used well and with a little luck, his firepower and mobility will wipe clean an entire board.


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