Ode to Pod (Gaming Pod on Kickstarter)

By | September 22, 2014


Love is a Pod, a Gaming Pod.

How I want to nest inside you

Like a fetus inside a womb

And never come out.

Gaming morning to night



I love thee Pod, Gaming Pod

You need more kick on Kickstarter,

Alas, at $305 of $20K, a major jolt to come to life,

But I do hope you’d see the light of day, for

I do not want to see sunlight, only gaming,

Gaming, gaming.

No wife, no mother, no siblings, no dog to pester me.

Gaming, gaming, gaming.


And I do hope you are fallout-proof,

For even at the nuclear apocalypse,

My gaming shall not be disturbed.

Oh, Pod. You are brilliant, O Pod!

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