Final Fantasy XV Trailer — On the Road to Warm and Fuzzy

By | September 18, 2014

What is it about Final Fantasy that gets me so geeked-up? And nostalgic. Like a really good book or movie, I get warm and fuzzy when I think about the good ol’ days with FF. Man, I still have the FF8 OST on my iPhone. The new trailer for Final Fantasy XV is out and the game looks really good.

It’s a road trip. Guys with spiky long hair in a car going somewhere. There are dungeons and action RPG battles. Lots of monsters and enemy soldiers and other things to impede their way. The open world is vast and varied, and the water crystal clear. Dude’s got a big sword. And of course, the girl is there. One thing that hasn’t changed going back to FF8 is the character design. All still kind of look the same. Nothing wrong with that. Game should rock.

For PS4 and Xbox One and out only-God-knows-when. Soon, I hope.

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