The Bible Videogame — should it be R or PG?

By | September 10, 2014

The Old Testament is bloody. We’re familiar with the Veggie Tales version, the PG watered-down after-school special, but in actuality, the OT is extremely R-rated. David, the cute kid known for taking down a giant with a sling, was a warlord – yes, he’s known for his faith and love for God, but he was a killer. OT’s got mass killings and genocide. Rape. Murder. Infidelity. Slavery. Perfect for video games.

Most of the movies and shows and games that attempt to service the Bible are often lame. And those that don’t…well, they get ripped apart by everybody. So, a new game on Kickstarter, The Bible Videogame, promises to cut the cheese without stinking up the room. According to the video, it says the game will please everyone…Christians, non-Christians, kids, pre-teens, teens and adults. And not be cheesy.

That’s tough.

The main message of the OT is that people are cruel and brutal (sinful) and they can’t redeem themselves. That’s why they need a savior, which is the point of NT. If the OT is Star Wars Episodes 1-3 and people are Anakin Skywalker, then the NT is Episodes 4-6, and Jesus is Luke. I think George Lucas got the Star Wars story from the Bible like a lot of other works of fiction. Anyway, the point is, I understand Christians want to focus on love and fluffy stuff, but a real OT game needs to come clean about the brutality of it all. The blood. The gore. The evil. That would make a kick-butt Bible game, and it would still be true to the Word.

The game, by the awesome Tornado Twins, is currently at $12,675 of $35,000 goal, with 51 days to go.

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