Will Twitter Save the Free-to-Play Rush?

By | September 9, 2014

The free-to-play model needs some remodeling. Once in a while, an F2P finds a gold nugget, but for the most part, it’s a lot of panning and nothing but mud and rock. Some renovators and innovators are trying to shake things up, like GiftGaming, but no ah-ha moments yet. F2Ps will keep entering the gold rush, despite the number of folks left to rot riverside or mauled by grizzlies, and there will be a ton of garbage downloaded to your device or PC, but eventually, there will be a true disruptor that makes F2Ps truly monetizable, which will improve these lame games.

I’m wondering if Twitter’s new thing, its crack at e-commerce, will have any play in gaming. Basically, there’s a “Buy” button on tweets. If you click it, you’ll get more info about the product advertised and if you want it, you can buy it. It’s kind of like being at a clothing store like Old Navy and picking up a candy bar while waiting in line. Impulse buying. But then again, it’s different…. If you’re at Old Navy, you’re there to buy clothes. You’ve got your credit card in hand. You’re in buying mode. When you’re on Twitter, you’re on tweet mode. When you’re playing a game, you’re in game mode, not buying mode. So could an instant impulse-preying feature improve F2Ps?  For example, you’re playing a game and between levels or sessions, a buy button appears — would you buy?  Would you tolerate it for a better quality game?  If you’re at the arcade or casino and the waitress walks around with a pack of smokes or a drink, there’s a good chance I might buy.  So maybe that’s the angle if someone can explore it.  But then again, I can enjoy the drink right there on the spot.  If I buy something online, I have to wait for it, and the impulse is gone by the time I’m holding it in my hand.  Unless it’s something I can use in the game, like a new weapon….  Interesting area to explore.

Overall, my gut says the Buy thing will come and go. But then again, the Internet is a river that keeps giving and it’s unlikely to run dry before someone invents a better pan.

Buy it, buy it now!

Buy it, buy it now!

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