Firewatch Trailer — Sacred Stuff?

By | September 2, 2014

Campo Santo is a popular theater group in San Francisco, and so I was confused when I read they’re developing a game. Turns out it’s not the theater company, but a new up-and-coming video game developer, also based in SF. Campo Santo means sacred ground in Spanish, and the theater group has done some “sacred” material in its 18-year history. And based on the trailer for Firewatch, Campo Santo the game company might be doing some hallowed stuff themselves.

Firewatch is a first-person mystery game. You’re a dude who wants solitude so you take a job in the Wyoming wilderness as a firewatch. Your only connection to the world is the voice at the end of a handheld radio. Very simple but primed for layers of interesting stuff. That’s the first element of great story-telling, and the guys at Campo Santo should know how to tell a story – they worked on The Walking Dead the game after all.

It’s also metaphorical. A man, alone, his only job to watch for fire…. Metaphorical, possibly, but not pretentious.

It also looks good. In some ways the art reminds me of Miyazaki. Soft, water-color animation.

After all the fuss these days about the industry and monetizing, monetizing, monetizing, it’s refreshing to see there are guys who seem to be making something worth making. Hope Firewatch delivers.

On PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in 2015.

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