Feral on Kickstarter — How Many Lives Until You Get Bored?

By | September 1, 2014

Animal simulators are all the rage. There’s a goat, a deer, and now, a cat. Not only a cat, but feral. Flare Point Interactive has a game on Kickstarter. It’s called Feral, and you’re a cat, and it’s open world survival. How difficult can it be? I had a cat once. Total indoor, spoiled, and lazy. He lived to a very old age. I read indoor cats can live 15 years or more. Feral cats have an average life span of 5. That’s ten years fewer than an indoor cat. Life is tough for the feral feline.

I love cats so I’m glad some dudes are making this.  I hope it’s more interesting and creative than what their video shows, though.

Most of the game’s features aren’t wow-factors. You have to eat, sleep, hunt, fight, and avoid things that kill you. Nothing special. Ho-hum, actually.  An interesting feature is the ability to listen to other animals talking. Also, you have to win respect to claim territories. One glaring absence is reproduction. Isn’t that ultimately the reward for all the hard work?

The game itself looks pretty good. Some of the graphics need a little tweaking but overall, it’s crisp. Gameplay could probably be more interesting, too. It’s more work, but it should have been a city game instead of out in the wilderness. A city cat is just one of the many pitiful strays, death at every corner, every street, every sewer, and forced to interact with humans who could be kind or extremely cruel. More possibilities for interesting and creative gameplay.

I still would like to see an Ant or Whale simulator, but cats are cool and I want to be a cool cat. Hope this game gets funded.

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