Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Evil Within: Every Last Bullet Trailer — How do you kill Boxman without bullets?

As if Boxman alone won’t be enough to sell The Evil Within, Bethesda released a new trailer showcasing some cool survival horror action. And this is true survival horror, and not the fake survival horror. The difference? Bullets. Or lack thereof. True survival horrors don’t have a lot of bullets. Ever see The Walking Dead?… Read More »

Neuroshima Hex! on iOS — Strategy Cheat Sheet Part One

The iOS reincarnation of the classic board game based on the RPG is as addictive as both. Here’s what you need to dominate the post-apocalyptic hexlands. Part One of this cheat sheet includes the first four factions.  Part Two covers the next five expansion factions. Common strategy is to place your HQ on the edge… Read More »

InMobi Monetization Solution for Games — Healthy or just MSG?

Here’s another possible solution to the F2P problem. The InMobi Monetization Solution for Games promises to be…well, the monetization solution for games. Because we all know monetization is a problem for games, right? Okay, not exactly. To be precise, what is needed is a monetization solution for bad games, and that’s what most F2Ps are,… Read More »

Consoles are Dead – Long Live Gaming!

I recently read an article that said new gen consoles are out of date because they are not 4K. Well, that is not the big picture. Consoles in itself are obsolete. Period. Okay, consoles are not completely dead yet, but they’re on life support. Microsoft is trying to go overseas with Xbox and there are… Read More »