The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: Mobile Game Trailer – Tie-in games should be tied up and left for zombies to snack on

By | July 24, 2014

Zombies are all the same. As far as stories go. Non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Non-zombies try to survive. And so do the zombies, actually. They have to eat, too. This is the basic formula going back to Romero. The place sometimes changes. A farm, a prison, a mall, etc. Sometimes the people change, too, though we often see the usual suspects: the leader, the dissenter, the a-hole, the ingénue, the kid, and so on. But bottom line, it’s the same premise every single time.

The new Walking Dead mobile game (developed by Next Games with AMC) will disrupt this formula. Well, actually no. The 60-second trailer is half game trailer, and half an ad for people to watch old episodes of The Walking Dead TV series. Convenient. The game trailer tells a story: non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Cool!

Oh, well, what do you expect from a tie-in game? The game is out early 2015.

There’s a concept that will disrupt the zombie genre. Check it out here.

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