The Deer God on Kickstarter — It’s not The Beer God, but still looks pretty good

By | July 15, 2014

Here’s a question you ask if you’re 10 years old, or very very drunk: if you could come back as any animal, what would you be?  If the answer is deer, then The Deer God is the game for you.  There’s also a goat game as well as other potential games if you answered differently.

The Deer God, currently $20K of $26K on Kickstarter, is a game about a hunter who comes back as the very deer he once hunted (oh, the irony!).  It’s a “breathtaking 3D pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills”.  I love that!  It’s not only a work of art, but a work of the supernatural or spirit, whatever you may believe, that will have me questioning the meaning of life.  That’s definitely worth funding.

The game itself looks interesting.  You start off as a fawn, meet Doe (a deer, a female deer) and have babies.  There are Stags that might kill you or be your friend.  Elk is one wise animal.  And a statue.  There are also hunters and other animals in the game.  Other interesting aspects are the effects of karma, various powers, and reincarnation.

I love Kickstarter.  You wouldn’t see games like this without it.  Some may roll their eyes at the overwrought themes, but I for one am considering funding it – after all, it’s good karma.

Now, only if someone would make a game called, “The Beer God”….



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