We Are the Dwarves! on Kickstarter – Dwarven Heaven

By | July 3, 2014

I’d rather be an elf.  Elves are sleek, elegant, tall.  Scandinavian good-looking.  Maybe a bit up-tight but fact is, everyone remembers Orlando Bloom.  Gimli was played by that guy who was that guy in that other movie.

But dwarves need a little bit of love, too.  And We Are the Dwarves! is all about dwarve-love.


They’re not Middle Earth dwarves.  Whale Rock Games’ dwarves are astronauts and the MacGuffin are magical stones called Stars.  The three protagonists are dwarven prospectors, exploring different worlds looking for Stars.  There’s Forcer, the engineer; Smashfist is the warrior; and Shadow, the magic-user.  Sounds like the usual cast of an RPG with stereotypical dwarf roles.  Why isn’t there ever a dwarf poet in an RPG?  It also sounds like the roster of a typical Silicon Valley start-up.


The world seems very comprehensive and the underground landscape is strikingly claustrophobic – in a good way.  The insect-like monsters have interesting abilities like rolling around and hatching eggs at will to create an instant army.

The main draw is the promise of an unpredictable environment.  They are in different worlds, after all.  The laws we nature we know in our home world does not come into play in others.  So as these dwarves enter into new worlds, what are things they will need to adapt?  Gravity?  Temperatures?  Chemicals in the air?  That’s a fascinating concept to play with.

It’s in development for Windows, Mac and Linux, and raising cash on Kickstarter: about a month left, $100K to go.

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