Alien: Isolation E3 Accolades Trailer – Another Spoiler Alert!

By | July 2, 2014

Here’s a spoiler of sorts.  Amanda lives!

She’s the heroine of Alien: Isolation and she survives the survival horror.  How do I know?  At the beginning of Aliens (the movie), Ripley learns she died of natural causes at an old age.

But of course that can change if you mess up in the game…and you don’t restart…and you quit and never play the game again.  But that’s unlikely if you’re shelling out $60.

Based on the new trailer, it looks like there will be many opportunities to die and start over and over.  The setting is a space station or ship.  Lots of dark corridors and creepy things like dead bodies.  There’s also some serial-killer looking guy with a hoodie and a plastic face or mask.  Maybe an android.  Looks straight out of an ‘80s slasher film.  And of course, there’s The Alien.  No mystery about him.

Game looks slick but wish the setting was something new.  It’s out in October on PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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