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Gods Will Be Watching Walkthrough — Chapter One: Self-Justified Sacrifices

Gods Will Be Watching is a messy game.  In a good way.  You’ll lose.  And then you’ll lose again.  You’ll lose A LOT, and when you do finish a chapter, it’ll be ugly.  You won’t feel like you won.  You’ll feel like you got lucky.  But it’s still entertaining.

It took me about two hours and several fails to get through Chapter One: Self-Justified Sacrifices.  And then a couple more times before I could repeat it for the video walkthrough:

Essentially, the game is a balancing act.  When one side goes down, you have to raise the other, and then keep compensating until you maintain that balance.

Here’s all you need to know to complete Chapter One:


Buy enough time to hack.  On the left side of the screen are two bars labeled Hacking Progress.  Those two bars have to fill up.  Every Red act (that is, an action highlighted in Red) slowly fills up the bars.  Green acts don’t take time and do not fill up the bars.  You can boost (Execute Hack Boost), which will fill up the hack bars faster.  But in order for it to be successful, you need to improve the probability of success: Hack Boost Success Rate should be about 80% or higher before you execute hack boost.  Order Shaman to Charge and Execute.


There are three things that will prevent you from achieving your goal.

1)      Enemy guards.  They are in the corridor and will move closer with each Red act.  Once they get close enough to breach, they will blow you up.  You have to keep them back by attacking them or keep them still for a couple turns by negotiating.  Order Jack to attack or negotiate.

2)      There’s an enemy tech guy trying to beat your security.  When the Security bar starts to turn red, or around 70% or less, you will need to order Shaman to Reinforce Security.

3)      Hostages: if you lose all hostages, the enemy guards will blow you up.  You need to keep them stable.  If they freak out too much, they will run and you will need to let them go or kill them.  If they get too relaxed, they will try to jump you, and Jack will kill them.


Keep the hostages stable is most important.  Their body language will indicate their status:

1)      Sitting up with both legs folded: equilibrium.  This is where you want them to be.

2)      Leg(s) straight, reclining, etc: They’re getting relaxed.  Shout or kick them.  Attacking the guards, Security Boost, or killing a hostage will also set them straight.

3)      Legs folded, but shaking, or hand on head, etc: they’re freaking out.  Talk to them to calm down.  Avoid security boosts or attacking the guards because that’ll set them running.  Negotiate with the guards instead of attacking them.

Basic Hostage Strategy

1)      The bald guy in the brown blazer is the leader.  What you do to him will also have a greater effect on the others.

2)      If one guy takes off running, kill him if the others are relaxed, but let him go if the others are freaking out.

3)      If one is freaking out but the others are not, then you can send that one to the break room, but I didn’t need to use the break room and found it actually to be distracting.

Opening Steps

1)      The first thing you need to do is order Shaman to Hack Camera to Corridor, a Green act.  This will allow you to keep an eye on the guards.  You don’t need to view the Break Room because you won’t use it.

2)      Then order Shaman to Charge Hack Boost three times.

3)      At this point, you will need to boost security.

4)      Have Jack attack the guards.

5)      The hostages will start to freak out, so talk to the bald guy to relax them.


From there, it’s a balancing act, mainly hostage management.  Keep calming or scaring them as needed.  Boost security and keep the guards back as well.

Charging the hack boost and executing the hack boost should be your lowest priority since every red act moves you closer to your objective.  You charge when everything is stable, and execute when everything is stable and you have at least 80% on your hack boost success rate.

Keep this up and you’ll eventually fill up the hack meters.  You’ll lose a few hostages.  Your hands will be dirty, but you’ll get it done.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: Mobile Game Trailer – Tie-in games should be tied up and left for zombies to snack on

Zombies are all the same. As far as stories go. Non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Non-zombies try to survive. And so do the zombies, actually. They have to eat, too. This is the basic formula going back to Romero. The place sometimes changes. A farm, a prison, a mall, etc. Sometimes the people change, too, though we often see the usual suspects: the leader, the dissenter, the a-hole, the ingénue, the kid, and so on. But bottom line, it’s the same premise every single time.

The new Walking Dead mobile game (developed by Next Games with AMC) will disrupt this formula. Well, actually no. The 60-second trailer is half game trailer, and half an ad for people to watch old episodes of The Walking Dead TV series. Convenient. The game trailer tells a story: non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Cool!

Oh, well, what do you expect from a tie-in game? The game is out early 2015.

There’s a concept that will disrupt the zombie genre. Check it out here.

Areal on Kickstarter – A Game That Promises True Free Will

Areal wants to free its gamers.  The game, funded on Kickstarter, is an FPS RPG.  It’s not only an open world non-linear game, but it’s also a choose-your-own-adventure where you can’t peek ahead to see where your choice will lead.  At least that’s what the developers promise.  It also says there’s no morality.  No right or wrong, Sith or Force, etc.  You do what you want and there’s no one judging you except yourself.  But your choices do affect the gameplay, which I’m intrigued to know how that creates freedom when the game is programmed to act in a certain way based on what you decide.

The premise isn’t anything spectacular.  Post-apocalyptic survival-of-the-fittest.  The inciting incident was some meteor.  There are mutants that will prey on you.  Creatures have their own evolutionary trait – some will stalk you and jump you from behind, some will attack you head on.

Truly “smart” games will happen.  That is, games where things happen as a consequence of your actions, or happens just because – like real life.  The challenge then will be for the game to avoid being dull, like real life often is.  And so the debate that’s been going on for centuries: predestination or free will?

The Hum Story Introduction Trailer — This game will kill people

The Hum might just kill me.  Not in-game, but for real.  The survival horror game will have Oculus Rift support, and the virtual reality of a rapture-like apocalypse with creepy aliens lurking in the dark….that’s just too much.  I nearly had a heart attack playing Turok on N64 on a 13-inch TV.  A raptor would pop out of nowhere and my heart was in my throat.  And falling.  Heights kill me.  Now in a game like Assassin’s Creed, but also way back on Turok.  I hate heights and scary things.  My palms sweat, my heart beats a little faster playing these games.  I nearly wet my pants playing the original Resident Evil when that first zombie lunged out in the hallway.  And so a virtual reality horror game will definitely kill me.

The Story Introduction trailer looks too good to pass on this game, though.  Reminds me of those creepy alien scenes from M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs.  The movie was a bore, but had some intense moments.  Or of course, X-Files, which was one of the inspirations for The Hum.  Still in development, be on Steam at some point.  I better start working on my will.

this could be hazardous to your health

this could be hazardous to your health

The Deer God on Kickstarter — It’s not The Beer God, but still looks pretty good

Here’s a question you ask if you’re 10 years old, or very very drunk: if you could come back as any animal, what would you be?  If the answer is deer, then The Deer God is the game for you.  There’s also a goat game as well as other potential games if you answered differently.

The Deer God, currently $20K of $26K on Kickstarter, is a game about a hunter who comes back as the very deer he once hunted (oh, the irony!).  It’s a “breathtaking 3D pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills”.  I love that!  It’s not only a work of art, but a work of the supernatural or spirit, whatever you may believe, that will have me questioning the meaning of life.  That’s definitely worth funding.

The game itself looks interesting.  You start off as a fawn, meet Doe (a deer, a female deer) and have babies.  There are Stags that might kill you or be your friend.  Elk is one wise animal.  And a statue.  There are also hunters and other animals in the game.  Other interesting aspects are the effects of karma, various powers, and reincarnation.

I love Kickstarter.  You wouldn’t see games like this without it.  Some may roll their eyes at the overwrought themes, but I for one am considering funding it – after all, it’s good karma.

Now, only if someone would make a game called, “The Beer God”….



Assassin’s Creed Unity Revolution Gameplay Trailer – Heads will Roll!

The French Revolution is all about heads.  Forget that it ushered in the modern era, or that it ultimately led to the end of the last (loose) tie to the Roman Empire, or that it led to some of the worst periods of the human race.  The French Revolution is known for heads.  On pikes, in baskets, rolling off a guillotine.

And sure enough, the new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity, set during the Revolution, has a lot of heads.  We get our first guillotine sighting at :15.  And then the first loose head at :19.  A knife beheading is at :21.  We have to wait a minute for the next head, though.  On a stick at 1:18.  The big finish is at 1:29 – our favorite assassin leaps from the top of the guillotine, lands on the executioner and grabs his neck like he’s going to pull off his noggin with his bare hands, but alas, they don’t show.  Bummer.

It’s an Assassin’s Creed, with its usual Assassin’s Creed antics (knifing, jumping, climbing, et al), but it looks really amazing.  The crowds (mobs) are really crowds.  The smoke, shadows and buildings are very realistic.  I don’t know why the trailer is narrated by a Brit, though.  They still had a monarch last I checked.

The game is out on October 28 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.