Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: Mobile Game Trailer – Tie-in games should be tied up and left for zombies to snack on

Zombies are all the same. As far as stories go. Non-zombies inside a place, zombies outside the place. Non-zombies try to survive. And so do the zombies, actually. They have to eat, too. This is the basic formula going back to Romero. The place sometimes changes. A farm, a prison, a mall, etc. Sometimes the… Read More »

Areal on Kickstarter – A Game That Promises True Free Will

Areal wants to free its gamers.  The game, funded on Kickstarter, is an FPS RPG.  It’s not only an open world non-linear game, but it’s also a choose-your-own-adventure where you can’t peek ahead to see where your choice will lead.  At least that’s what the developers promise.  It also says there’s no morality.  No right… Read More »

The Hum Story Introduction Trailer — This game will kill people

The Hum might just kill me.  Not in-game, but for real.  The survival horror game will have Oculus Rift support, and the virtual reality of a rapture-like apocalypse with creepy aliens lurking in the dark….that’s just too much.  I nearly had a heart attack playing Turok on N64 on a 13-inch TV.  A raptor would… Read More »