TerraTech on Kickstarter – Build to Destroy!

By | June 25, 2014

TerraTech gets me nostalgic.  Takes me back to those days creating crazy tanks and starships with Lego and blocks only to blow them up with tennis balls.  There were towers, too, and castles.  Payload Studios has a gem here.  It’s one of the most original and exciting games I’ve seen being developed.  The premise isn’t anything special.  It’s a basic fight for resources.  But there’s a procedural world and like those Lego vehicles, you make what you can imagine (with the limited pieces you have).  Serious replayability here.  There are also some in-game challenges like racing or other NPC-driven contests, which is okay, but I would probably just skip all that and go straight to online battles.

Wait, no online multiplayer?


That’s why they’re on Kickstarter.  They’re raising £ to add online play.  I can’t imagine this game without online play.  This has online play written all over it.  Seems to me a game like this could’ve gotten real investors.  In any case, hope it gets funded.

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