Kim Jong-un’s Favorite Retro Video Games

By | June 19, 2014

Kim Jong-un loves retro.  He has the cold-war Mao suit, loves feudalistic dynasties and the ‘90s Chicago Bulls, has a side-scroller to his name, and recently took a photo-op with some super-retro submarines.

KJU and his old school sub

KJU and his old school sub

These submarines, the vanguard of his navy, have been in museums for decades in the rest of the world.  That’s loving retro.  So no doubt he’s a retro gamer.  Here are some old-school games for the Dear Master Gamer:

10) Pac Man.  Rice balls, rice balls and more rice balls!

small rice ball, big rice ball!

small rice ball, big rice ball!

9) Dig Dug.  Tunnels in his mines, tunnels under the DMZ.  The Man digs digging.

How do I get to Seoul?

How do I get to Seoul?

8) Wrecking Crew.  Tear it down, tear it all down!

If I don't like, it come down!

If I don’t like, it come down!

7) Rampage.  And then tear it down some more!


6) Tron. the Man’s gotta love shooting beams out of his Dear Great Rear.


5) Missile Command.  The Man can dream….


4) Elevator Action.  Title reminds him of one of his Dad’s naughty flicks.


3) Tapper.  What?  All you can drink beer!!!

2) The Legend of Zelda. A Link to the Past.  Way, way into the past….

1) Xenophobe….


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