Video Games: The Movie Trailer — I gotta have more Pong!

By | June 18, 2014

A new video game documentary will be in theaters and on-demand on July 15, and its trailer is out.  It’s exec-produced by Zach Braff, Sean Astin narrates and it features other famous folks like Wil Wheaton and Hideo Kojima.  And with such an original title, it’s a can’t-miss.

VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE is a history of video games.  Instead of taking an angle like Indie Game: The Movie or Free to Play, it seems to be covering everything from Pong to the future.

Is that interesting?

Seems funny enough in a VH1 Best of Decade way: “Something about blowing your friend in half, nothing is more satisfying.”

There’s a nostalgia factor and there’s new tech and things about competitions and how big it is and all that.  But do I really want a history lesson?

A part of me want more of Pong.  A documentary on Pong.  I’d watch 90 minutes of Pong: The Movie.  More Pong please.  I gotta have more Pong!

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