Far Cry 4 World Gameplay Premiere Trailer – Don’t Piss Off the Elephants!

By | June 11, 2014

The elephants sold me.  Yes, there are elephants in Far Cry 4.  And not just any elephants.  Blood-thirsty, crazy-mad elephants.  The gameplay premiere, narrated by two creatives, boasts an open world (though the video focused on a mountain pass) and lots of animals including yaks, an eagle and yes, elephants.  I love elephants.

There’s some beautiful stuff like mountains, trees and the sky.  Reminded me of N64 Turok.  The walkthrough also demonstrated a grapple, which helps you get across cliffs and climb things.  Reminded me of N64 Zelda.

The FPS also features kicking, shooting from a car, and flying like a “flying” lizard through a valley.  Wing-suiting seems fun, but things like that I prefer in 3rd person.

I love elephants

I love elephants

Okay, so far, all very exciting stuff, but down in the valley is where it’s at.  That’s where the elephants are.  I freaking love elephants!  It’s Bambi down there.  They’re grazing, playing in the river, just kicking it.  But then, in co-op mode, it all hits the fan and things go crazy.  There’s a battle.  Your friend in the air on a helicopter and you on the ground shooting at the bad guys.  Things are not looking good when a heavy machine gun on a jeep pulls up in front of you, but then out of nowhere, comes….

An elephant!

Did I mention I love elephants?

Did I mention I love elephants?

You’d think they’d freak out with all the noise, but instead they charge right in, mad as heck, blood-lust, looking for someone to kill.  It charges into the jeep and it explodes!  What happened to the elephant?  Probably BBQ but it doesn’t show.

I love elephants.  I’m buying this game.

Available November 18, 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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