Bloodborne Debut Trailer – it’s a werewolf, man. Werewolf!

By | June 10, 2014

It’s dark, it’s cramped, it’s damp, and the folks just don’t look right.  There’s also a zombie-dog and gutting of dead animals.  Lots to love about the Bloodborne debut trailer.  The trailer doesn’t demo gameplay, but it’s got a cool weapon: a curved knife thing that whips into a scythe thing – over-sized, which is how we know this is a Japanese RPG.

The city is called Yharnam (Victorian London, basically) and there’s an illness that has left its streets bare and the survivors with a terrible limp.  But something tells me it’s more than just a limp.  Why?  Well, the Resident Evil zombie-dog makes a cameo, but there’s some dude dragging a dead animal and then butchering it with a cool weapon.  In the middle of the street!  That ain’t right.  Heavy mystery and creepy factor.  I’m intrigued, but then two minutes into the trailer, we see what’s going on.  The people are werewolves.

(Awkward pause)

Yes, werewolves!

That’s it.  Total letdown.  I preferred not to have known.

howl, sucka!

howl, sucka!

But fortunately the trailer continues.  We see the dude (with the cool weapon) is like a warrior and he’s in some dungeon or crypt.  He sees a bashed-in monster skull and examines something but there’s madness behind him!  Watch out, dude!  But it’s sneaky and quiet, and large and mean-looking.  It’ll eat him alive.

Werewolves aside, the game looks pretty sweet.  The Action RPG from FromSoftware (from where?) will be out next year on PS4.

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