Homefront: The Revolution Announcement Trailer — About time Korea did some whooping

By | June 3, 2014

America’s had it easy, relatively speaking.  The Civil War was a mess, and DC got sacked once, but compared to rest of the world, it really hadn’t been that bad for the red, white and blue.  Take Korea, for example.  That small peninsula had been trampled by a lot of different folks.  The Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, each other – it’s a tragic history of wars, massacres, pillagings, enslavement and destruction.

So, a game like Homefront: The Revolution come along, and there’s a part of me that says, “That’s pretty cool!”  I understand it’s more North Korea than South Korea, and poor Americans are oppressed by a new great leader who doesn’t resemble Kim Jong-un in the trailer (KJU would be in his late 40s or early 50s in 2029 when this game takes place).  However, it’s still pretty cool that Korea is united as the Great Korean Republic and doing some whooping of their own.

The announcement trailer gives a quick snapshot of the game.  It’s occupied Philly – you know it’s Philly because downtown is in the distance, but in case you’re not familiar with the skyline, there’s a big sign that says, Philly Chicken.

The Koreans are technologically superior.  We know this because they have high-tech combat gear and a robot sentry with a deep menacing voice, and the Americans wear jeans and hoodies.  A dude approaches a checkpoint with a box of flyers – actual paper flyers that says, “Wake Up America”.  It’s a distraction.  As the guards approach him, his buddy runs into the base and blows it up.  A battle ensues between the Koreans and the freedom fighters.

Looks pretty cool.  My only gripe is the Koreans get killed by bullets.  All that hi-tech combat gear and battle armor and they get killed by small arms fire.  How did they ever conquer America – the land of a million guns!

In any case, if I get this game, I’ll be milking it.  Maybe take a whole month.  In the game, the occupation has been going on for four years.  Korea was occupied by Japan alone for 35.  So an extra month would definitely be worthwhile.

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