Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sacred 3 Trophy Trailer – Spoiler Alert!

His trophy is bigger than hers. That’s it. That’s the punchline of the Sacred 3 Trophy Trailer.  She’s hunting, decapitates some orc or troll thing, and is hanging the head on her wall when something penetrates her roof.  She sees that it’s her beefy warrior neighbor with a giant rock beast for his mantle. Fun… Read More »

Kim Jong-un’s Favorite Retro Video Games

Kim Jong-un loves retro.  He has the cold-war Mao suit, loves feudalistic dynasties and the ‘90s Chicago Bulls, has a side-scroller to his name, and recently took a photo-op with some super-retro submarines. These submarines, the vanguard of his navy, have been in museums for decades in the rest of the world.  That’s loving retro. … Read More »

Far Cry 4 World Gameplay Premiere Trailer – Don’t Piss Off the Elephants!

The elephants sold me.  Yes, there are elephants in Far Cry 4.  And not just any elephants.  Blood-thirsty, crazy-mad elephants.  The gameplay premiere, narrated by two creatives, boasts an open world (though the video focused on a mountain pass) and lots of animals including yaks, an eagle and yes, elephants.  I love elephants. There’s some… Read More »

Bloodborne Debut Trailer – it’s a werewolf, man. Werewolf!

It’s dark, it’s cramped, it’s damp, and the folks just don’t look right.  There’s also a zombie-dog and gutting of dead animals.  Lots to love about the Bloodborne debut trailer.  The trailer doesn’t demo gameplay, but it’s got a cool weapon: a curved knife thing that whips into a scythe thing – over-sized, which is… Read More »

Dying Light Gameplay Trailer – Dying Light is better than Living Heavy

Dying Light is a survival game and last year’s walkthrough showed a guy trying to survive in a zombie-infested world.  But after watching the new gameplay trailer, I’m not sure who needs surviving, people or the zombies.  The 100-sec video has one dead undead after another.  Smashed, shot, blown-up, clobbered with a pipe….  Started to… Read More »