Monthly Archives: May 2014

Sev Zero Review – Good Start for Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming

Game Experience: Medium Game Value: High Quiche’s Recommendation: Get it free with controller For review guidelines, go here. I didn’t have high expectations for Amazon Fire TV’s first exclusive.  After all, it comes free with the controller ($6.99 otherwise).  Also, it’s not realistic to expect games on Fire TV to be console-quality robust yet.  The… Read More »

GameStop – How they will remain relevant to gaming

I want GameStop to exist.  I want GameStop to matter.  My go-to place for the not-the-hottest titles and sports games, I have many fond memories of Saturday afternoons there.  But disruption of the horse-buggy console oligopoly is here, and GameStop is holding a hammer with a crap load of soon-to-be useless horseshoes.  Unlike Blockbuster and… Read More »