The Sims FreePlay Review – Pooping Was Never So Fun

By | May 28, 2014

Game Experience: Medium
Game Value: High
Quiche Says: Play but don’t Pay

Here’s how I rate games.

I hate going to the toilet. But I wouldn’t hate it as much if I was a Sim. A Sim gets experience points for hitting the can. In fact, it’s one of the first things the game teaches you in its tutorial. And it only takes 15 seconds, too. I wish pissing took 15 seconds let alone dropping bombs. And with the experience points, there’s incentive to poop and poop again. That’s what makes The Sims FreePlay a worthy free-to-play on Android and iOS.

I know, this game has been out a while, but I’m playing it now to prove my hypothesis that FTPs in general are crap, but this one was a surprise….

It’s the Sims and everything the Sims is. Game of life, basically. But it’s also highly enjoyable for an FTP and FTPs in general suck. But unlike ones that suck hard, like Dungeon Keeper, there’s quite a bit you can do on Sims without having to pay cash. Keeping sewer employees employed is one, so is baking cookies, wrestling Sim-eating plants, playing guitar, dating and woo-hooing. What is woo-hooing? Everyone who knows the series knows, but if you don’t, it is what it sounds like.

Every Sim’s got needs (toilet, cleaning, food, etc), but they all have the same needs, which is unrealistic since we all know that uncle who has very low social needs as long as he’s got a cold one and a game on the TV.

From a straight gameplay perspective, it’s not really worth investing too much time in it. But as an FTP, it’s definitely worth the real estate and a spot on your roster of games to play throughout the day. I wouldn’t scratch plastic, though, even if pooping has rewards.

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