Glorious Leader! Video Game Trailer – Korea Unite Under Juche Side-Scroller

By | May 19, 2014

Here is why all South Koreans train and become better gamers.  The Glorious Leader! is training and he’s training hard.  He’s riding a unicorn and blowing up tanks with his pellet gun.  He’s got Dennis Rodman on his side.

Moneyhorse Games’s new action adventure starring favorite monarchial dictator creates fear among all capitalist pigs and puppet kisaeng dolls.  Glorious Leader is side-scroller hero blasting America with people gun and juche magic.  He can’t lose.  But sometimes he is bunny rabbit to annoying side scroller pet peeve wolf such as falling in water and touching fire.  But the fate of Glorious Leader is victory over American dogs.

Wait is inevitable.  Victory is future!  Glorious Leader!

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