Godzilla: Strike Zone Review and Walkthrough

By | May 14, 2014

Game Experience: Low

Game Value: Low

Quiche Says: Play it, but use my walkthrough below.

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The game is not fun but I kept playing hoping it would be fun.  A long frustrating hour later, the game was “won” and I realized what I knew before I had started.  Godzilla: Strike Zone is a darn tie-in game.  In other words, I spent an hour mired in an advert for the upcoming movie.  I got sucked in.  But it didn’t have to be an hour.  Here’s how you can finish the game in 15 minutes.

The game is divided into three missions: Halo Jump, Ground Rescue, and Onto the Rooftops.  I’m going to ignore this division because it’s really this: Falling, Dodging Buildings, and FPR (First Person Runner).

Stage One: Falling

You jump out of a plane with your mates (who mysteriously disappear after this stage) and free fall for about a minute.  You have to tilt your mobile device to avoid hitting your fellow paratrooper.  The game tells you to stay in the center.  Don’t do it.  You’ll drift and your buddies will crash into you.  Instead, pick a corner and stay there.  Guys will rarely crash into you and you won’t fly off the screen.

After a bit, you’ll start to see buildings.  Move a bit toward center and you’ll fall right past them.  That’s it.  You don’t even have to open your parachute – there’s a cinematic for that.

Stage Two: Dodging Buildings

Once you’ve got your parachute open, you’ll paraglide down a street.  You have to dodge buildings, some of which are falling on your head.  This stage is the most annoying stage of the game.  I spent most of my hour here until I figured out the secret.  Before you do anything, go to Options and max out the Tilting Sensitivity.  You can also invert tilt if you want.  It’s easy after that.

Here’s the sequence:

Go right around the first building.

Gain altitude to fly over the next building in the middle.

Do another right, then immediately center.

As you pass between the next two buildings, drop altitude.

Go through the hole in the next building.

After that, it’s easy.  There are buildings falling, but react to them and you’ll fly right by.  Easy peasy.

Another cinematic welcomes you to the ground.

Don't get splattered on a window.

Don’t get splattered on a window.

Stage Three: FPR (First Person Runner)

The last stage consists of two missions, Ground Rescue and Onto the Rooftops.  I’m combining it here into one stage because it’s essentially the same thing.  Run, run and run.  There’s a little yellow thing on your screen.  Run toward it.  And then run some more.  Sometimes you run faster, sometimes you run slower, but you’re running.  Once in a while you jump, which is completely disorienting because the controls suck.

You have a gun, but there’s nothing to shoot.  I went through the frustration of Stage Two for a chance to shoot Godzilla, or even a few looters, but there’s nothing to shoot except rocks, and wood, and power boxes, which are conveniently outlined in red. To shoot, aim and then press down on the target reticle.

I wanna shoot something!

I wanna shoot something!

You also have to set explosives but there is no timer or a remote detonator.  So how do you explode them?  Shoot it!  Years of spec ops explosives training in action.

A couple minutes of running and then you encounter Godzilla.  What do you do?  Run!  Faster!  Don’t get trampled.  Soon, you’ll come across some people, and there’s a cinematic, and they’re saved.  Climb up to a rooftop, save more people, see more cinematic, do more running, and you’re EVAC’ed.

Lot of running in this game.

Lot of running in this game.

The payoff: a close-up with king lizard himself.



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