Godzilla: Strike Zone Gameplay Trailer – It’s scarier to hear him than see him

By | May 13, 2014

Best part about a horror flick is what you don’t see.  Imagination is stronger than any VFX or make-up or editing technique.  This goes for monster films, too, like everyone’s favorite, Godzilla.  But it’s difficult not to see Godzilla, of course.  He’s huge and aggressive and breathes blue flame that turns night to day.  Nope, can’t miss him.  But as seen in the trailer of the tie-in game, Godzilla: Strike Zone, the game does a good job messing with our imagination.

The 19-minute gameplay trailer shows an FPS rescue operation.  As you scramble about the city, shooting things and rescuing lizard-treats (AKA people), we hear the big black bad boy, but we don’t see him.  The earth shakes and buildings sway, and we hear the signature howl, or whatever you call his shriek, but he’s somewhere off in the distance.

It’s a tie-in game and it probably sucks, but it’s free and it does create more tension than expected.  That is, until we actually see the lizard, which is rather disappointing.  In the game, he looks more like the 1960s Godzilla than the one in the upcoming movie.  Oh, well, it’s free.  And it’s on iOS and Android.

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